A gentle nudge & new Kahoots.

I’ve started in a new school this year so I have inherited a number of classes from the previous teacher.

I was recently going through my plan for the rest of the year with my 3rd years, when one of them said “Our last teacher used to do fun revision games with us, can we do more of those?”

So, primarily due to feelings of inferiority, I have been frantically creating Kahoot quizzes on all aspects of the old junior cert science course. The ones I have made so far can be found here.

Kahoot is a great way to assess students in an engaging way. You do need an account to use it, but I definitely recommend it. To do this go to create.kahoot.it, once you have an account you can run each of the quizzes I have made (plus the millions of others available).

The teacher logs in on their computer and projects onto the wall. The students use their own phones/tablets/laptops to go to kahoot.it, enter the game pin (unique to each quiz you do) and then give themselves a nickname. As teacher you have control over what nicknames are allowed or not, if you don’t like a name you simply delete it and the student needs to try again. I always just say to use first names or initials.

Once everybody has chosen a nickname you can start the quiz. The students need to read the question and potential answers from the board then choose the appropriate symbol/colour on their phone. Being fast does give more points. After each question a leader board is shown, which adds a nice competitive edge.

I’d love to hear what people think of them so feel free to leave a comment if you have any thoughts.

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