Night Sky

The Moon has been dancing around Venus for the past few nights and the cold weather has provided an excellent chance to capture this celestial ballet.

I didn’t really capture any pf the shots I had in mind before venturing outside, but it’s a start.

The Moon with Venus below and to the right, hanging over Whitegate refinery.
Cobh viewed from Whitegate.
A significant cropping of a moon shot.

Foggy Days

I’m always inspired by foggy conditions and have seen some beautiful shots created in them, like this.

I’ve had a few opportunities recently to shoot in some fog, I’m not totally happy with the results but it’s a work in progress.

All taken around Aghada.








Most mornings this week have been glorious and I kept meaning to bring a camera, I finally did this morning only to find fog everywhere.

But I’ve actually wanted to shoot in foggy conditions for some time now. so I wasn’t too annoyed.


I always love shooting minimalist scenes and the foggy horizon gave me the perfect opportunity to get a nice fading water shot.


I drove up the rady a small bit ad found a sunny patch with some gulls fishing, I wish I had paid more attention to the shutter speed on this one, would be nice to be that little bit clearer.


Lunar Eclipse

I had loads of plans of the type of shots I wanted to get of last night’s lunar eclipse. I was uncertain about getting up at all, but the forecast of clear skies tempted me out of bed at 3am, boy was it worth it.

This is the shot I had in mind, the bay in Whitegate with the eclipse shining over it. I had forgotten how far away the moon is.. Still happy enough, especially with the flares from the lights of the refinery.



I was annoyed with the light pollution so headed down to Inch beach and got this one of the milky way and the next of the moon exiting eclipse.